Chest Lifting Upper Body Workout

Do this upper body home workout instead of a boob job!🙊

This is one of my favorite upper body workouts that I do at home with minimal equipment. It will help tone your arms and lift your chest with just two dumbbells and your bodyweight!

EXERCISES (click the image to view demos!)
1. Underhand front raises⁣
2. Chest flys⁣
3. Wide dumbbell chest press⁣
4. Narrow dumbbell press⁣
5. Push ups⁣

Beginner: 30s WORK / 30s REST⁣
Intermediate: 30 WORK / 15s REST⁣
Advanced: 30s WORK / 10s REST⁣

♡Reps & Sets version: 10-20 reps | 10-40s rest⁣
♡Complete 3-5 rounds

Underhand front raises⁣: Engage your core throughout this exercise⁣.

Chest flys⁣: Focus on squeezing your chest muscles at the top.⁣

Wide dumbbell chest press⁣: Push the dumbbells straight up towards the ceiling. ⁣

Narrow dumbbell press⁣: Push the dumbbells together to better engage your pecs and press the dumbbells directly over your chest.⁣

Push ups⁣: Complete a modification from your knees if full push ups are too difficult. If knee push ups are too challenging, complete the first half of the exercise by completely lowering yourself to the ground from your knees, rest at the bottom of one second, and then slowly push yourself back up from your knees. This makes it a bit easier since we are removing the continuous tension on the muscles. 


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