30 Day Fit Body Reset Guide

30 Day Fit Body Reset Guide


This fitness guide is all about implementing the fat loss habits that allow you to build muscle and lose inches (most women lose the first 2 inches off their waist in the first 30 days!) The Fit Body Reset will prime your body for fat loss so you can gain muscle definition and finally start feeling strong and confident in your skin.

When you purchase this 30 Day program, you’ll receive:

1. A comprehensive breakdown of the 5 pillars of fat loss: Structured Workouts, Sleep, Hydration, NEAT (movement between exercise sessions), Nutrition Portioning/Protein Intake

2. A step-by-step 30 day calendar to follow with daily goals based on the 5 pillars above. This guide is designed with simple workouts (both home & gym options) and flexible nutrition principles so that you can get the best results possible without sacrificing all of your free time to working out or depriving yourself of your favourite foods



This fitness guide has two parts: EDUCATION and IMPLEMENTATION

In the Education section, you will learn about:

  • Healthy Eating and Hydration
    • The Fundamentals of Good Nutrition
    • Protein, carbs, and fats
  • Portion Management
    • How much is enough?
    • How to manage food cravings
  • Label Reading
    • What to note on nutrition labels
    • Ingredients to avoid
  • Water Intake
    • How much do you need?
    • What counts towards your water intake?
  • Movement
    • The Importance of Non-Exercise Activity
    • Strength Training, HIIT, and Cardio
  • Self Care and Sleep
    • How to be more kind to yourself
    • The Importance of Sleep

In the Implementation section, I’ll teach you exactly HOW to apply all of the information in the Education section and provide:

  • How to prepare for the 30-day reset:
    • A 30-day calendar outlining daily goals for:
      • Hydration
      • Food portioning & protein intake
      • Movement between workouts
      • Strength training and HIIT Workouts – BODYWEIGHT (AT HOME) & GYM VERSION
      • ¬†Sleep
  • Secret Ninja Tips to make sure you CRUSH IT:
    • How to organize yourself to stay on track
    • How to incorporate more walking and low impact activities
    • Nutrition tracking tips (this is SUPER important if you are looking to lose weight!)
    • How to get more sleep
    • Specific workout notes
      • how much you should be pushing yourself
      • apps to assist with completing workouts
      • suggestions for at-home equipment
  • Workouts (With Video Demonstrations!)
    • Full body warm up to complete before workouts
    • Fitness test – 3 templates to print and fill out to track your improvements throughout the month according to the workout calendar
    • Circuit Workout – Home & Gym Versions – video link included
    • HIIT Workout (No Gym Required) – video link included
    • Full Body Strength Workout – Home & Gym Versions – video link included